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Words of Length 11 dreamworlds scleroderma Words of Length 10 dreamworld lowercased embraceors clamberers becowarded beclamored recordable Words of Length 9 orderable drawbores coleaders lowercase embraceor embracers emborders smoldered clambered clamberer clamorers becrawled becowards cerebrals beclamors reboarded leeboards beswarmed declarers leadscrew remolades reloaders becrowded rebeldoms welcomers dewormers scrambled scrambler scowdered saddlebow wardrobes sarcomere Words of Length 8 brocaded brocades embraced embracer becalmed debacles becoward cerebral cambered

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Using The Word Descrambler

Stuck trying to descramble a word jumble? Ever ask "how can i unjumble my jumbled word?" You've come to the right place. This site has the tools to help you figure out how to solve your word woes, such as this free word descrambler. It's designed to look good on cell phones and other small screens, giving you an easy way to figure out what to make from your scrabble tiles.

To use this word descrambler, enter your letters and hit get words. It rearranges the letters to unscramble the word and displays a list of what you can make with those letters. The list will be sorted by word length in reverse order (longest word first). If you're using this for something like scrabble, you may want to check out our scrabble helper. This version works great for newspaper word jumbles and homework.The underlying technology also works as a word jumble solver, scrabble word descrambler, words with friends cheat, and word chums cheat. This isn't just an 8 letter word descrambler by the way - it can handle as many as 15 letters!

About Us

Build a Useful Website In Three Hours...

This website was built on a bet. A friend said we couldn't build a "real" useful website in the course of a single evening coding session.

I told him we exceeded expectations. A word descrambler is certainly useful! You never know when you're going to need to unscramble words. For example, what if you were on a game show about words. I'd say a word descrambler would come in handy there.

We had already done a couple of similar projects. For example, here's a scrabble helper we built a while back. We've also built some games such as cryptogram puzzles and tile puzzles. So we had a little code already built which we recycled into this word descrambler.

I had spent most of the day stuck in endless corporate meetings and decided to try to build a pocket version of a project: a word descrambler. After dinner that night, I downloaded a copy of the Enable word list. We had used this dictionary before for a PHP word jumble solver and a PHP word descrambler. It was a good fit for our word finder. Coding started around 8pm and the first version of the site went live by bedtime. It was explicitly designed to be used from a mobile phone - the word list and word descrambler tool were set up to automatically expand and shrink to match the size of the screen. We added the word chums cheat a while later. There were a couple of quirks we had to solve.

And that the story of how Windows 8 (ops, I mean wordsies.com) came into existence. Not bad for a letter descrambler.

Other FAQ's about the Word Descrambler

What is a word jumble called?

A word jumble is a type of word puzzle where you are provided all of the letters you need to solve the puzzle but you will need to rearrange them into the proper order. This word descrambler quickly runs through all of the possible options for sorting the letters into a word. The user can pick from among the unscrambled words to find the most plausible one. These puzzles frequently contain other clues to help you make this choice - either via an image, joke, or riddle or sometimes just the context of the puzzle itself.

What is word scramble game?

There are many games based on word scrambles. Scrabble and Words with Friends are two of the most common ones. Players are provided with a set of letters and challenged to make words by unscrambling the letters. The game may have additional constraints on potential solutions, such as placing tiles into a limited space or building off existing words.

What is it called when you scramble a word to make another?

An anagram is formed when you rearrange the letters of the word into a jumbled word. Anagrams can consist of one or multiple words.

What is it called when a word spells a different word backwards?

While a palidrome is a word that can be spelled the name both backwards and forwards, a word that spells a different word when read backwards is known as a semordnilap. This is different that the music of certain rock musicians, which supposedly has been encoded with demonic messages that can only be heard when played backwards. And various books which have supposedly been encoded with messages from the illuminti. Hey, the more you know....

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